Friday, November 15, 2019

November 2018

November's Shenk Family Adventures were more of the close-to-home variety. Super fun times with our friends and family, enjoying our beautiful backyard and the fun to be found in central Florida.

Ellie helps me out at the sewing machine.
Our beautiful girl. Look at that smile!
Love this gorgeous shot of Ellie and Jess. Two bohemian girls in purple. 💕 
Smokin' campfire in our own backyard fire pit. 
Elijah, James, and Ethan enjoying the campfire and recovering from the ghost stories they told themselves.
Snuggle time with Leo and Nancy Drew. 
Tickling the ivories with Uncle Matt.
GrandMomma (my mother) would be so thrilled to see Ellie playing her piano.
We voted! Showing the kids the importance of participating in democratic elections.
Even at this age, she insists on doing everything herself. Little miss independence.
(Side note: That nightgown was mine when I was her age💖)
Leo. King of the couch pillows.
Laundry basket fun. Because kids.
James working hard on his b-ball skills. You can tell he's concentrating by the tongue.
Date night to see Ray LaMontagne. My absolute favorite. It's possible I cried, but I'll never tell. 
Me and my kiddos on the backyard swing. I'm such a happy momma.
Driving the boat at Mimi & Papa's. He loves anything with an engine (his father's son for sure!)
James and Ellie take a walk with Mimi & Papa around their neighborhood.
Ellie has an innate love of music. It expressed itself with bongos here.
James found his own rhythm with the conga. 
Not content with percussion, Ellie moved on to the acoustic bass.
Getting in a little reading time with Ms. Kim. 
Ellie loves Minnie Mouse, and we love Ellie dressed as Minnie Mouse. 
A super fun Disney day with my loves.
Taking flight with Dumbo. Ellie is unconvinced.
Happy Disney family.
Super silly Dad at the Orlando Science Center.
Ethan, James, and Elijah learning about this beautiful blue parrot at the Orlando Science Center.
This darling little girl LOVES to be outside and she is happy we have such a big backyard to explore.
Celebrating Thanksgiving with Abuela.
Silliness with Abuela and Lamb Shenk (more affectionately known as Lambie).
Ellie and GrandPoppa.
He may be just a bit too big for my lap but I will never say no to a snuggle. 
This may be my favorite family picture ever (sorry you're not in it, Christopher).
Happy birthday, Aunt Kristi! We had so much fun hanging with you at Disney's Winter Summerland Mini Golf.
James taking a turn. At least it appears that he is putting here instead of driving the ball which was more of his style.
Ellie is taking a stroll with Uncle Kai. James is running. Always running. 
Mini-golf family photo. I can't remember who won but let's just assume it was me.
(It was probably Chris, but I'm more competitive and I write the blog.)
This is the cake I made for Shenksgiving-- some kind of bourbon and brown sugar pound cake
 with a caramel glaze and candied pecans on top. I forget the exact name (it has been a year).
That sweet face tells me she is definitely up to something...
Ellie and Taylor comparing their winter hats.
The Shenksgiving Family Picture-2018.
14 months old and we love her so!
The children have chosen a tree. 
I love this sweet shot of James and I enjoying a fire in our family room.
We live in Florida. If it drops below 60, we use the fireplace.

Monday, September 23, 2019

October 2018

October 2018 was a relatively low-key month for us. We spent the month at home, working around the house and spending time with our people. Ellie finally took her first steps and with the welcome addition of a new little cousin, she was no longer the littlest Shenk. 

Standing tall in those overalls, but not quite walking yet.
She definitely has the bike riding thing down, though. 
James uses marshmallows to make elements of the periodic table for his chemistry lesson. 
Mom and James date day at Disney. Orlando life is pretty good!
We love us some roller coasters!
Thumb-sucking selfie.
Ellie continues to enjoy good books.
James and Chris rocked out at a Papa Roach show. 
Chris got to spend some time with racer driver Jordan Taylor at the concert.
I was lucky enough to meet Eddie Izzard after enjoying his show in Jacksonville with my buddy, Dave.
James opened a lemonade stand in our driveway one Saturday morning.
My favorite part was the posted nutrition facts. Love his heart!
My beautiful babies. 
Those smiles. 😍
I know he will always support her.
We are always happy to have a visit with the Hines clan, especially when it includes Disney time.
Ellie and Gigi practice sharing. How cute are these girls together?!
Me and Gigi just hanging out in the backyard.  
Tanya does double duty with reading time in her lap. 
James and Declan take on Everest. Those two crack me up.
Best of friends. Melting my heart.
Our brown dog all decked out in his Bucs bandana, ready for the game.
I love this picture so much. Just chillin' in her rocker reading a book. As you do.
Celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary with our annual trip to the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.
And then it happened! She walked! (see bottom of post for video) 
Using Leo as a backrest. He's cool with it.
Ellie and I cheering on Jackson's Little League game.
Ellie sat down with Aunt Ayesha to try and convince baby Ava to make her appearance in the world.
It worked! She went into labor that night. Well done, Els.
James and Jackson celebrating after the game.
Welcome to the world, Ava Shenk!
Ava meets Uncle Chris. Look at her sweet little face.
Ellie hangs out with Bodhi. He came to stay while his parents were at the hospital with the new baby. 
Must be Halloween, it's pumpkin carving time!
The Shenk Family Jack O' Lantern 2018
Ellie is unconvinced about this holiday.
What can brown (dog) do for you?
Dracula, a baby Elliephant, a mummy, a mad scientist, Frankenstein, and a UPS dog.
Halloween 2018

Ellie takes her first steps!