Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A San Francisco Treat

One of my dearest friends, Ty, has been my friend since we were 9 or so and this friendship remains one of the greatest gifts in my life. Frankly, she knows too much for me to let her out of it. 
She lives in San Francisco with her awesome wife, Tovah, and on August 28, their beautiful little boy, Ari, finally arrived! I really couldn't get there fast enough, but we held off until October and then planned a long weekend visit with nothing but baby time on the agenda. Unfortunately, Chris got sick. Sick people do not get to go see new babies, so being the amazing wife that I am, I left him behind to cough, sneeze, and sleep, and James and I went to meet Ari. 
James was excited about getting to hold "Baby Ari"
all by himself. 
So much cuteness in one picture! 
Entertaining us at a local children's museum
My sweet boy loves Ari already. 
Ty is one happy momma. Just awesome to see. 
25 years of friendship. Woohoo!
Me and that sweet baby all wrapped up in the quilt I
made him for his birthday. He's so adorable!
James and his Titi Ty 
James with Titi Ty and Titi Tovah. He spent the entire weekend calling them
each the other's name. Hilarious.
We took the ferry over to Sausalito for the day
and James was so excited to see the Golden
Gate Bridge in person!
One last snuggle with Ari before we go. Wearing the crown
just to remind him who was here first. Ha! Just kidding!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Fun!

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and this one has been particularly nice here in Utah. We have had such beautiful colors and the weather has been unseasonably warm which is keeping everyone outside as much as possible before the cold comes. James thinks playing in the leaves is the "most fun ever" and there isn't a leaf left that he hasn't stepped on or scooped up and thrown. For those of you that don't really get fall color where you live, enjoy!
The leaves are turning
And falling

James and Grace playing in the leaves
Off on an adventure, holding hands. So sweet!
Ready to roll...
…and down the hill he goes!
He made a pile of leaves and then jumped!
"Wasn't that awesome, Mom?!"
Investigating the moss
Look at that handsome face! :)
Throwing a snowball at Leo, who just wants to eat it
James and Mirai were laughing so hard
and it was really adorable.


Every year at Snowbird Ski Resort, they have a great Octoberfest celebration. The setting is gorgeous and this year we went towards the end so the fall color was amazing! Our friend, Kelli, joined us and she and Chris definitely had a beer-filled time. They are both lucky I am too nice to take videos… Ha!
Chris and Kelli with the first of their steins... 
James learning to "play" the accordion 
This isn't too much beer, right?!
Kelli and James switching things up a bit
James has been transformed into a fierce tiger! Rooooar!
Just enough snow to throw at Dad
Chris and James ride the ski lift up...
…so they can drive the coaster down!
Such a lovely day in a beautiful setting! We are lucky.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Leo!

How can you not love this face?!
Our awesome dog, Leo, was a stray at the shelter, so we don't know his actual birthday and as such, we decided to celebrate his birthday on the day we adopted him, October 4th. When we got him, they estimated he was about a year old, so we consider this his 2nd birthday. Yay, Leo! I baked him a little doggie birthday cake (all natural, with peanut butter and carrots) and he got two new bones! For a dog, I'm pretty sure it was the best day ever. 
That's right, we put in a candle and sang to our dog. 
Chris gave him a little taste to see if he liked it.
James wanted a little taste even though we warned him it
wasn't like the cake he gets for his birthday.
Getting the rest of the cake to himself.
His new bone from us. He's a heavy chewer so we get
industrial-strength bones. 
James gives him his bone from GrandPoppa Pelt.
Leo says "Thanks"!