Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ski Utah

Most of the local resorts offer ski schools to kids once they turn four, so this winter we signed James up at Brighton Ski Resort . Chris loves to ski and we were hoping James would as well so Chris would have someone to go with. Most of you know why I will not be joining him on the slopes (hint: it involves broken bones and two knee surgeries).
His first lesson was this past Sunday (yes, I am officially caught up on this blog, woohoo!) and he loved it! It was a cold and very snowy day but he didn't seem fazed by that at all and said that his favorite part was going "fast" down the hill. The instructors said that he did really well and that he's super high-energy (neither Chris nor I were surprised to hear that description). Next Sunday, the kids get to take the lift up for the first time, so he is definitely looking forward to that. We are hoping to get some video at the next lesson so we will put that up if we get it. 
Living in Utah means having access to the best powdery snow in the country, so why not take advantage of it?! See Visit Utah and Ski Utah for more information.

Learning how to stop with the letter "A" 
Look at him go!
What the day looked like, snowy and gray, but still so lovely.
Progressing to a steeper hill
Totally getting the hang of it!
If I could bend like that, I might not have needed surgery!
Proud Daddy looking on

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Little Bit of Christmas

We hope everyone enjoyed a lovely holiday season surrounded by friends and family. The Shenk Family stayed home for Christmas this year and enjoyed a nice, quiet day together. James is old enough now to really get excited and we had such a great time watching him open each present with as much excitement as the first. It was fantastic! He is loved and spoiled by so many of you and we thank you so much for that. When asked if he got a lot of presents at Christmas, he replied, "I got just the right amount." So sweet! Chris and I find that the older we get, the less we need or want and we had the best time just watching James, but thank you to those of you who included us in your wonderful Christmas generosity. Though we may be far in distance from so many of you, we feel close to you in our hearts, and hope you feel the same from us. 
Crappy iPhone picture of the boys lighting up the tree
I quilted us a little Christmas table runner for our new table
A frosty morning for our willow tree
James loved decorating the tree!
Mom and James made sugar cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa (and some neighbors)
James worked on reading who each present was from this year
Santa brought James what he asked for,
a real, metal harmonica!
I love a kid that gets this excited about a book!!
Leo remains unconvinced about the joy of Christmas,
or at least the part where he has to wear antlers.
Merry Christmas from the Shenk's!