Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ski School Video

James has completed his lessons at Brighton Ski School and he loved it! There were five weekly lessons, but he unfortunately missed one due to our surprise trip to Orlando for Matt's show. The second lesson was where the majority of the video footage comes from. Chris spent most of the lesson just watching and videotaping since I couldn't make it to that one. At the end of the very last lesson, the kids have a "race" where they are supposed to slalom down the little hill to the bottom. As you can see in the video, the weather was nuts. It was snowing like crazy and it was really wet, slushy snow, which is unusual for Utah. It made the skiing conditions really difficult for the little kids who were unsteady to begin with. James ran into one of the gates and hurt his ankle (which he mostly recovered from when one of the ski instructors gave him a candy bar) so he didn't quite finish the race. He was super disappointed in himself and his performance. That kid is one tough competitor. Chris is going to take him skiing, just the two of them, and they are going to work on turns, and I'm pretty sure he's going to try to go down that course again. Overall, we think he did a great job and we are very proud of him!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


The Utah Shenks snuck into Orlando last week for a very special visit. Chris's brother, Matt Shenk, is an outstanding musician in the Orlando area and was having a launch party for his new album, This Is Water (available for purchase on iTunes here and on CD here). We flew into town secretly and showed up at the venue during sound check to surprise Matt. He was completely thrilled and seemed very touched that we had come just for him. 
You should all go see Matt live. He's fantastic!
Aunt Elin gave James an "all-access pass" from
the show and he wore it for 3 straight days.
The Kramer family was nice enough to keep James for us so we could go to the party (adults only), which we are so appreciative of, and James was thrilled to get to play with Sam and his awesome train table. 
Sam is all about Mater and James is in love with that train table. 
Leave it to James to find the toy that makes the
most possible noise. 
Me and my dear friend, Heather. Love you, girl.
Our weekend in Orlando coincided with the Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway and you know those Shenks love their auto racing events. We spent Friday at the track and got to visit with Uncle Dan who was in town from Virginia, which is always a treat. 
Dan, Richard, Chris, and James. Happy Shenks.
James with his Mimi & Papa
James and his cousin, Kodey
Uncle Dan being a sport and hanging out
 in James' "fort"
Saturday marked six years since my mom died and we spent the day enjoying friends and family at Richard and Cindy's house. Thanks again for taking such great care of us, Cindy! We took the opportunity to celebrate Pop's birthday which  was a few days earlier, but served as my excuse to eat Publix cake while in town. 
James and his GrandPoppa
Matt and Chris
Jen, and her boyfriend, Steve, came to spend the day. Thanks! xoxo
James loved having time with his cousins, Hope and Jackson, and got to experience his first sleepover with Jackson. They were actually holding hands before they went to sleep. So cute! 
Taylor and Kodey, we missed you and wished you were there!
Two little boys playing with Barbies and a dollhouse. Love it!
Off on an adventure!
Hope reads a goodnight story to the boys. She is just the best!
Sunday, we headed home. It was short visit but a great one. We will be back in May for a week-long visit and hope to see so many of you then!
Pirates having lunch before our flight.
One sleepy pirate...