Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fun in the Sun(shine) State

In May, we made our annual trip to Florida to enjoy visiting with friends, family, and hot, sunny days. We are always so grateful to everyone who makes time to come and see us and we love getting together and catching up. This year we used our timeshare to stay at a resort in Orlando and spent most of our time in the pool, which was awesome!

James got to try out the cockpit on our flight out.
He wanted to know what each button did.
Celebrating Auntie Jen's birthday with her
Me and Jen
Demonstrating his reading skills for Grandma Sue and Grandpa John
Enjoying Mother's Day with my two favorite people!
Eating some brunch with his cousin, Taylor
Letting Papa Shenk do the reading this time
Having fun with Mimi Shenk in the pool
This kid loves the water!
Silliness with pool noodles and his friend, Quinn
Funny faces with his cousin and "buddy", Jackson
Hanging out with Nanny and Poppy
Reading a book to the adorable Lyla
How cute is this?!
It was so wonderful to catch up with my longtime friend, Tanya
James and Declan having some fun with bubbles. So easily entertained!
No trip to Orlando is complete without a visit to Disney World, and we were lucky enough to spend a day enjoying the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot, as well as the Magic Kingdom.

Stormy skies on the horizon
Just chillin' with Cinderella and her prince
Chris and James getting ready for some fun!
Mr. Dave joined us for a few hours of fun and James
loved it. He insisted on holding his hand and riding all
of the rides with him. Hilarious.
We were soggy but happy. Thanks again, Shawn!
Getting some love from Abuela Carmen
Happy to be back in the pool!
Fun times with cousins, Hope and Jackson
Uncle Chris acts as a diving board for Hope
Jill and Heather with their boys, James and Sam
Squeezing in some last-minute pool time with Claire before we get on the plane

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Mother's Day Song

James' preschool does a little Mother's Day program each year where they sing a song and present the mothers with a plant and some interesting answers to a questionnaire that the kids fill out. It's hilarious to hear what they say when asked what their mom's age, favorite food, and her job are. For the record, James said 25 (I'm 35 but I like his answer better), bagel sandwiches (they're delicious, but it's pizza), and to be his mom (nailed it!). I wish I had the video, but my phone ran out of room in the middle of recording it so total mom fail there. Here are some cute pictures, courtesy of my fellow preschool mom, Laura W., who remembered her camera.
Mrs. Flack and some of James' classmates
Singing straight to me. So cute!
James and his sweet, adorable friend, Kate
I am one lucky Momma!