Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Kids in April

Here is a sweet little post full of cute pictures of the kiddos in April. 

 There's a rumor that Ellie looks a bit like her momma... 

Ellie at 6 months
Jill around 6 months old
Ellie hanging out with GrandPoppa.
James expands his cooking skills to include grilling.
Ellie loves this swing-- and it's conveniently located straps for chewing.
Love these little faces!
Little miss blue eyes.
Already the best of friends and playmates. 
James having a great time running through the sprinkler. 
Ellie spending some time with Grandpa.
Baby girl enjoying some snuggles with Dad. 
Teaching her how to use tools at a young age. Life skills!
Jotting down his inventions in his sketchbook. His mind never stops working and creating. 💗
Not a picture of the kids, but I love this one of Kim and me.
She took me to see Something Rotten for my birthday and it was awesome! Thanks, Kim!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The One Where I Meet an Elephant!

In this time of giving thanks, I would like to express my gratitude to the people in my life who know me and love me and celebrate my special days with me. 💖

For my birthday this year, Chris and my Pop teamed up to gift me an amazing encounter with an elephant-- my very favorite animal! It was up close and personal and it was everything I wanted it to be. We got to feed her, ride her, and give her a good brush down (too cold for a bath that day). She was still wearing her beautiful paint from playing her part in an Indian wedding the day before. Another of the elephants there used a paintbrush in his trunk to paint us a picture which was so fascinating to watch. The place is Two Tails Ranch, near Gainesville, and I highly recommend it. We really had such a great experience there.

Luke is hard at work painting his art.
Chris takes a turn feeding her. The trunk is such a cool appendage with fantastic versatility.
We are riding an elephant!
She was checking me out. I think she approved.
This picture makes me laugh. I was waiting for stuff to come out and spray him in the face.
I loved meeting her SO much! It was such a bucket list thing for me. 
While we were brushing her, she closed her eyes and seemed to relax.
I hope we brought her even just a fraction of the joy she brought me.
As we were posing for this picture, she swung her trunk up to give me a good sniff.

Since my birthday falls during the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival every year, I love to spend the day there at the park with my little family. This year I was lucky enough to have Dave & Larcy join us as well. It was another awesome birthday experience to add to my list. I'm such a lucky girl!

Ellie is all decked out in her best Minnie outfit for our day at the park. 
Happy family spending the day at Disney.
I was decidedly less happy when the mariachi band in Mexico saw my birthday pin
 and called me up to the front to serenade me. Love mariachi, do not love being the center of attention.
See what a good sport I am clapping when it was finally over? 
Sombrero silliness.
Me and my boy with "Lightning McQueen". 
James is "meditating" in the Japanese garden. 

I don't have any pictures of it (how is this possible?), but I also enjoyed a fun dinner with friends at our place on my birthday. Thank you all for being a part of my life! Here's to another trip around the sun.

Happy birthday to me! 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Marching Into Spring, Part Two

Fun times continued through the end of March, including celebrations for Unca Dave's birthday at Epcot and Mimi & Papa's 40th wedding anniversary party, and otherwise enjoying some relaxing days at home.

Happy little bit of spring and sunshine. 💖
Ellie and I looking so cool in our shades. Well, she looks cool anyway. 
Happy birthday, Dave! We love you!
Happy 40th anniversary, Mimi & Papa!
I baked a special lemon-orange chiffon cake with lemon-orange buttercream icing for the party. 
Cousin time with Taylor and Kodey.
Group shot of Richard's & Cindy's gang of grandkids.
Picture courtesy of Corey Shenk.
James takes Ellie out for some fun in our backyard. I love how much he loves her.
Our beautiful boy.
Ellie discovers her own adorable face in the mirror.
Oh, those big blue eyes!
And then, just like that, she was 6 months old.
Always happy to get some snuggle time with Ms. Jess.
I tried to take a selfie with Leo and he went rogue at the last minute and stole a kiss.
Ellie is enjoying some time outside in the backyard while the weather is nice.
James hangs out in the amazing oak tree we are lucky enough to enjoy in our front yard.
In an ode to the warmer weather, James opted for a super shorn look. 
Sweet girl loves her bouncer. 
James got time to bounce as well at the world's biggest bounce house- The Big Bounce America- that came to a local park.
Quality snuggle time with Leo. A must for any season.
My gorgeous babies reading together. Such a lucky Momma!