Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Rest of January

After returning home from our visit to Texas, we spent the rest of January close to home enjoying some great quality time with friends and family.

James and Ellie just hanging out together. 
Ellie gets some time with her Papa.
Unca Dave is always good for a laugh. 
Sweet sleepy time with Dad.
We enjoyed a great dinner out at one of our favorite places, Francesco's, with Jess.
Mom loves the sleepy time snuggles, too. 💕
Spending the day at Universal dressed as Harry Potter. 
Ellie gets to meet my longtime friend, Patrice. She liked her more than this face suggests. 
James and Tessa waiting for the Hogwarts Express.
Watching the show on her new "aquarium". Thanks, Mimi & Papa!
Ellie finally discovered her feet and, apparently, how tasty they were,
because they soon spent a great deal of time in her mouth.
Sleepy snuggle time with GrandPoppa.
Just like that, she's four months old!
James and his cousin, Jackson, climbing the fantastic tree in our front yard.
Chris and I escaped for a date night out to see Trevor Noah. He was hilarious! Such a great show.
Stacy gets some sleepy snuggle time, with Ellie all wrapped up in the blanket she made.
Sibling time!
Momma makes her laugh. Momma is funny.
Ellie watched her first Super Bowl. Go Eagles!
With a new interest in basketball, James bought himself a ball and a small hoop for the driveway.
Our little rainbow baby. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

The Traveling Shenks rang in the new year in Texas with some of our favorite people, the Carignan Gang. Having left Utah for the lower altitude of the Dallas area to improve Evie's heart health, they welcomed us into their new house for some fun in the wintertime. 

Ellie couldn't wait to meet everyone so she and I flew in, while Chris and James drove from Florida so Leo wouldn't miss out on all the fun. 

At the airport, ready to go!
Maddie couldn't wait to help out with Ellie. She is a pro big sister!
Evie is "taking a picture". Very cute.
James and Millie keeping warm by the fire.
Ellie and Grace hanging out and getting to know each other. 
Ellie and Kerri having some funny-face time.
They absolutely adore each other. It's so super sweet. 💕
Hercules and Leo, best buds back together again. 
Mads and Els.
Chris and Evie taking an adorable selfie.  
Evie is ready to ring in the new year! 
All of the kiddos cheering 2018!
Then it was the adults' turn-- crossing our fingers for an amazing 2018! 🤞
Two guys named Chris and their baby girls.  
Millie loved playing with "Baby Ellie".
Evie wanted to play with the baby more than anyone and always wanted to be near her. I loved it!
Sweet baby girl getting so big.
Look at all of those gorgeous smiling faces! 
Fierce and feisty little miss. We couldn't be prouder of her or love her more.
James takes a turn feeding Ellie. Such a helpful big brother.
My two kiddos. Just chillin'.
Chris with his two favorite little girls. One lucky guy.
Evie giving Leo some hugs. Love her heart!
Matching faces. 
James and Ellie. 
Getting some morning snuggles from Evie. Yay!
Taking advantage of the Christmas tree still being up to take some pictures of my loves.
Beautiful Evie checking out the ornaments. 
The Carignan girls and Ellie, an honorary Carignan girl.
Grace, Millie, Evie, and Maddie. Love these kind, sassy, smart, and gorgeous girls so much!
A Maddie sandwich with the new elephants we got her
for the big 6th birthday she had while we were there.
Checking out a dinosaur exhibit at the Heard Museum nearby.
Evie doesn't want her baby to leave.
We can't wait to get all of these girls back together again. And James. Who is off playing somewhere.