Thursday, October 18, 2018

Marching Into Spring, Part Two

Fun times continued through the end of March, including celebrations for Unca Dave's birthday at Epcot and Mimi & Papa's 40th wedding anniversary party, and otherwise enjoying some relaxing days at home.

Happy little bit of spring and sunshine. 💖
Ellie and I looking so cool in our shades. Well, she looks cool anyway. 
Happy birthday, Dave! We love you!
Happy 40th anniversary, Mimi & Papa!
I baked a special lemon-orange chiffon cake with lemon-orange buttercream icing for the party. 
Cousin time with Taylor and Kodey.
Group shot of Richard's & Cindy's gang of grandkids.
Picture courtesy of Corey Shenk.
James takes Ellie out for some fun in our backyard. I love how much he loves her.
Our beautiful boy.
Ellie discovers her own adorable face in the mirror.
Oh, those big blue eyes!
And then, just like that, she was 6 months old.
Always happy to get some snuggle time with Ms. Jess.
I tried to take a selfie with Leo and he went rogue at the last minute and stole a kiss.
Ellie is enjoying some time outside in the backyard while the weather is nice.
James hangs out in the amazing oak tree we are lucky enough to enjoy in our front yard.
In an ode to the warmer weather, James opted for a super shorn look. 
Sweet girl loves her bouncer. 
James got time to bounce as well at the world's biggest bounce house- The Big Bounce America- that came to a local park.
Quality snuggle time with Leo. A must for any season.
My gorgeous babies reading together. Such a lucky Momma!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Marching Into Spring, Part One

 Spring 2018 was a busy one for us, but full of fun. Here are some of the highlights.

This sweet little thing was forever getting one sock off. Just one. Every time.
Happily playing away in her bouncer chair. Look at that face!
Hanging out with her best pal, Gigi, who popped in for a visit from Indy.
Enjoying a yummy dinner at Cafe Rio with Uncle Kai and Aunt Kristi.
Chris and I went on a date to House Of Blues to see Fleet Foxes (my Christmas gift to him). They were AMAZING!
Our sweet girl just chilling in her crib. Love the little crossed feet. 
James tried to teach Leo to climb a tree with only a modicum of success.
James finally put those rollerblades to use on a jaunt through our neighborhood. Look out world, here he comes!
After spending his actual birthday in Chicago, we finally celebrated at home with
a cake baked by Mom and nine flaming torches.
His gift from us was a wireless speaker to play his music on. Terrible decision. But he loves it.

Each year for his birthday, James can choose between having a birthday party or having a special experience. This year he asked for a party and was super excited to have it at one of his favorite local places-- the Orlando Science Center. He has attended summer camps there since we moved to Florida  and is always thrilled to go hang out there for the day. (Homeschool field trips, of course.)

The party included fun science experiments with the kids.
Experiencing a "closed circuit" of electricity. So cool!
Happy 9th Birthday to our beautiful and amazing boy! We love you so much!!
After the party, we got to hang out in the exhibits and have some fun.
Chris and I had a second date night out in the same month (I know! It's crazy!) to celebrate our 14th dateaversary.
(The anniversary of our first date for those of you not in the know.) 
This marvelous little miss spent some time growing and playing and smiling. Those cheeks!
Looks like Ellie went ahead and started learning to read as well. Hooray for books!
Somehow when Daddy gets her dressed, she's always in the "Daddies are the best" type of clothes.
Chris spent his annual weekend in Sebring at the races with some other Shenks--Corey, Kodey, and Richard.
I don't want to know how they got those beads...
James learned how to change Ellie's diapers. He continues to wow us with his great big brother skills. 
James took on the task of trimming the branches in his treehouse with giant pruning shears-- still has 10 fingers! 
And because he is sometimes his Momma's boy, he tried out a new sewing project.
The finished project is a sweet little stuffed lovey he named "Polka Dot". 💖
Titi Heather steals some kisses from Ellie girl.
Uncle Shawn has his arms full of some cute little girls. I think Ellie isn't happy she didn't get a popsicle like Avery.

Such a busy month and we are not even done yet! 
Check back for Part Two of this post with more miscellaneous pictures of our adventures.