Tuesday, July 2, 2019

June 2018- Carignan Visit

We were so thrilled to welcome our friends, the Carignan family, for a fun-filled couple of weeks. From crafts to swimming to Disney days, we crammed a ton of fun into their vacation and our too-infrequent time together. There are so many pictures that I wanted to include here, but in the interest of brevity (I'm only a Shenk by marriage), I had to be choosy. So much laughter, so much fun.

Carignan girls camping out under James' bunk bed.
Good thing they are still little and we can fit three on one bed!
Evie takes on the beach and loves it!
James, Ellie, and I are hanging out in the warm waves.
Millie was the best at making "Baby Ellie" laugh. It was so sweet!
Love all those kiddos playing in the sun and the surf.
Leo was so happy to have all the kiddos to play with.
Ellie chillin' in the pool. Love the little crossed feet.
Evie and Kerri having some fun in the pool.
Traveling Swimming Shenks
James and Ellie at Wekiva Springs.
Chris is super happy to have his hands full with these two.
Evie was so excited to spend time with Ellie and kept trying to hug her,
which Ellie didn't understand or participate in, but was still so cute to watch.
A fun moment captured by the always talented Stacy Paul Photography.
A fun moment with the always talented Stacy Paul.
Millie loved to twist this swing up tight and then hang on while it unraveled.
She didn't puke but I definitely would have!
Chris took all the kids on tractor rides.
Evie got to ride up front and waved like the queen she is the entire time.
James and Maddie take a turn in the cart.
Grace and Millie get their turn in the back. Evie continues to wave. 💖
Those beautiful Carignan girls at the walls of St. Augustine. 
Little Miss Blue Eyes. 
James and Millie (holding hands!!) and exploring the weaponry.
The end of a long, hot day where you ask children on summer vacation to stand
in front of a schoolhouse yields this mix of faces.
Lego Time!
Grace cooks with Uncle Chris. 
Evie takes over running the smoker.
Maddie and Aunt Jill working on a little sewing project together. 
Always more fun to be had in the pool.
My beautiful boy still wet from the pool.
Grace checks out her s'more marshmallow progress (needs more charring).
Surprised Kerri with a horseback riding outing for her upcoming birthday.
We are clearly meant for this kind of adventure!
A thunderstorm rolled in while we looked out over Lake Monroe in Sanford.
Kerri only made us sit on the metal swings for a few minutes more than I would have liked. 😳
You know we had to go to Cafe Rio! Millie remains the best at making Ellie laugh. So, so cute!
Disney time!
Carignans, Shenks, and the welcome addition of Carignan friends Candice, Jason, and Mark.

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